Constance Neo

CUCKOO: You Are Meant For More

Magazine, A4 Publication, 2017

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CUCKOO is the magazine that seeks to cast light on how new definitions, ideas and perspectives can be formulated, even on universal topics such as routines.
This is manifested in a collection and dissemination of a range of everyday daily actions and activities which come naturally to us. Challenging the familiar, perhaps CUCKOO will reveal how something which might matter may not be immediate, but rather in time to come. For example, we live in an age where information is so readily available that even simple gestures such as scrolling through our phones seem unimpactful but a part of me begs to differ. This magazine hopes to present diverse opinions and themes to explore and also serve as an open invitation for you to do the same on your part as you turn its pages.  

In the following pages, you will find a range of various visuals and narratives inspired by ideas inherited simply by breaking out of a routine. CUCKOO represents the idea that we should not settle, and that we are meant for so much more. This might seem insane to those who embrace the familiarity and comfort of routine, but what if routine itself could actually mean something else?